Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pink Halloween

If you really want to Pink up your Halloween, this is the way to do it:

Place pink led lights inside your Pumpkin. You might want to place a plastic container over the lights so that they are not visible through the mouth.

Happy Halloween to you all!

Please stop by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more great Pink posts.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tamiflu blues - or what I have learned traveling on a bus with 32 teenagers through Poland.

More than 2 weeks ago I got into a bus with 32 teenagers, one other teacher and a few parents travelling to Poland and Germany to revisit the grim history of the World War II. We were excited and ready to have the trip of a lifetime. And it sure was!

I had actually written a very long detailed post about the trip, but realized that it would probably not be a very interesting read. So instead I decided to sum up the things that I have learned that has nothing to do with history:
  1. After 12 hours in a bus your ass goes numb and every part of your body aches. Do not try to walk quickly off the bus, you will stumble and fall. And people will laugh.
  2. Planning to not eat chocolate during 8 days on a bus is inhuman. You might fill a whole bag with fruits, müsli, wheat germ crackers and low fat cheese.... after a while these things will just make you grumpy!
  3. NEVER fall asleep! If you do, some obnoxious teenager will take your picture with your mouth open drooling on your pillow. And yes, they will post it on Facebook.
  4. In spite of being obnoxious, teenagers are pretty awesome to be around!
  5. Do not assume that the weather in Central Europe will be more pleasing than in Scandinavia. Expect snowstorms and bring your rain-boots. Do not be too vain to wear a rain poncho.
  6. Teenager girls will wear whatever is cool and not take your advice. Don't even bother telling them to bundle up!
  7. If you wear rain-boots for a day, your feet will smell no matter how clean your socks. Don't expect the people around you to be happy when you take them off in the bus. And no, perfume will not cover it up!
  8. Do not buy 60 crystal glasses in Krakow and expect to carry them yourself through a blizzard while you have to pee. It's impossible.
  9. You don't need 60 crystal glasses!
  10. If you want to buy 60 crystal glasses anyway you have to sweet-talk the bus driver. Buying him cake works.
  11. Do NOT leave your iPhone on a restaurant table in Poland. It will disappear.
  12. Life without an iPhone is pretty miserable.
  13. There is nothing fun about bathroom breaks when you are 40 people on a bus.
  14. If you tell people inside a salt-mine that the walls and floors are made of salt, some will actually try to lick it. Go figure...
  15. When one teenager gets sick it feels like 10, when 30 teenagers get sick... Make sure you bring a nurse on your trip!
  16. Polish Homeopathic medicine will NOT cure the Swineflu, no matter what that Polish doctor says.
  17. If your head hurts, your throat is sore, your body aches and you have a fever... don't assume it's just a cold. Just face it... it's the Swineflu.
  18. Finding 160 doses of Tamiflu in Berlin is almost impossible! Bring your own.
  19. Do not carry 2 plastic bags full of Tamiflu into a hotel. They hotel staff will freak out!
  20. When everyone is sick, no one will remember your birthday.
  21. When no one remembers your birthday you feel miserable and unloved, even though you should be old enough to not care. Next time forget modesty and just tell everyone it's your birthday!
  22. When enough bad things happen, you are exhausted and feel like crap, there is nothing left to do but laugh. Laughing is a good way to combat insanity.
  23. Trying to get teenagers not to mingle with other teenagers on a ferry... Still haven't found out how to do that!
  24. If you are on a bus with 32 teenagers and experience an outbreak of the Swineflu, you will be quarantined at home for 7 days.
  25. Quarantine is good.
  26. 7 days is not enough. You'll need a month!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One cup of swarovski coming up!

I'm back from a very long and eventful trip to Poland and Germany. (Post coming up in a day or two.) Thanks to everyone who left sweet comments wishing me a Happy Birthday last Saturday. I'll try to visit you all during the next couple of days.

My husband's 40th birthday is coming up soon and he really wants a Nespresso machine. It's kind of funny since he doesn't drink coffee. But if this is a sign of mid-life crisis I'm all for it (since I LOVE coffee!) Yesterday we talked about what model and color we should get. He said I could choose and suprise him. And surprise him I will!


A coffeemachine covered in pink swarovski crystals! I just know this baby will brigthen up those dark november mornings...

Wishing you all a Happy Pink Saturday. Please visit Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound for more pink posts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday and I'm in a bus somwhere in Germany.... It wasn't how I planned it, but I'll make sure to enjoy it anyhow!
This collage is from my birthday party last year.
Since it is PINK Saturday today I want someone to make me THIS birthday-banner!

It is so cute! It's made by Katie at Pink Paislee. Please visit Beverly to find more participant in this week's Pink Saturday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

There are no words that can describe the loss and tragedy. We cannot change the past, but let us never forget. " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Monday, October 12, 2009

I ♥ Faces: Excited

It's time to post a picture for I Faces. This week's theme is EXCITED.

As we were walking through the park from the playground we came upon a photographer taking pictures of a bride. It was the first time my daughter actually saw a real bride and she was mesmerized. We had to stay there and watch the whole session. Grace dressed up as a bride for weeks afterwards.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A pretty perfect pink Saturday

As some of you know I spent the evening yesterday with fellow bloggers. The talented Maliva had arranged for all of us to have a lovely meal, good entertainment and a late night shopping experience. It was perfectly planned and we had the best time. I loved meeting other norwegian bloggers and actually see the faces behind many of the blogs I follow on a regular basis.

Thanks to Maliva and thanks to all you sweet blog-girls out there! Let's keep in touch!

My birthday is coming up soon and I really want a kitchen makeover. (Are you reading this Per?) Since it is Pink Saturday over at Beverly's place I thought I would show you this fabulous kitchen that I found in House Beautiful magazine:

I would love to have a kitchen that looked like a french Patisserie!

This week I want to introduce Cindy over at My Romantic Home. Her post last Saturday got 71 comments (wow!) and stirred a lot of emotions. Personally I have taken a look around her blog and it is absolutely beautiful. Please visit her and give her some love this Saturday:-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

The blogmeet

It's a perfect night!

Blogmeeting tonight!

I'm so excited! Tonight I have been invited to join 60 other norwegian bloggers for a great evening out. It's the gracious Maliva who has invited us to this informal get-together. We'll start out at Café Garcon where we'll enjoy tapas and the performance of Maliva's talented husband, who she only calls Bono on her blog. (But I know who he really is....)

Later in the evening we'll head over to the beautiful interior design boutique called Zanz. They will keep the store open for us exclusively and are offering a discount on all their merchandize. (Note to self: Must keep my head cool and my wallet safely in my purse...)

I know that this evening will be a blast. I'm just a little bit nervous about meeting so many new people... Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

An unexpected trip

This Sunday 10th grade is going on a trip with "the white buses" to Poland. I hadn't thought much about this trip as I was not going with them this year. But unexpected illness changed that and yesterday I was asked if I could go. It wasn't a great week since my husband was going away for 5 days with work. I didn't think it would be possible. But within an hour we managed to arrange for family to take care of the kids and find a solution for all the practical challenges. So I'm going! Thank God for wonderful family!

We will start out in Krakow and visit Auswitch and Birkenau. This picture was taken 2 years ago when I was there with my 10th grade. It's an experience of a lifetime and it changes you forever. It is a part of history that must never be forgotten!

I'll tell you more about where we are going and what we will do during this week. I'm also hoping that Blogwriter on my Iphone will allow me to post a few posts along the way.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Return

As she walked down the sloping driveway she looked up at the colossal white building. Did she really used to live here? She couldn't pinpoint exactly what was different, but there were little things, subtle changes. The walls were no longer the soft grayish white that her dad had found through trial and error. Now the house gleamed with a bright white paint that made it look even bigger. The windows were like black eyes starring at her without blinking. Gone were the white lace curtains that her mom used to starch in water and sugar. The curtains had been old-fashioned even 30 years ago, but they covered the blackness like sheer eyelids. Along the driveway were large urns filled with pink geraniums. Pretty, but her mom had always planted red ones.

In front of the garage there were two cars. Theyt looked brand new. Both were spotless and she could see her reflection in the dark metallic paint that had a sort of bluish tint. She smiled as she remembered the red beetle that her parents used to drive. It had always looked so out of place in front of this huge house. These two cars looked like they belonged. Maybe they had bought them just to match the house. She giggled and starred at her reflection half waiting to see that little girl with the thin pixie hair. But of course she didn't.

She walked up to the front door. It was made of dark wood with leaded glass windows in rich colors. In an instant she remembered the day she came home from school with the brass key on a red woolen string around her neck and saw the glass shattered and the door opened. Being young and not very smart she had walked right inside. The whole house had been torn apart, but all she could remember was her mom's vase lying on the floor. Red tulips scattered all over the carpet adorned by the sharp pieces of broken crystal. She knew her mom would cry.

As she rung the doorbell she heard the sound she knew so very well. She gave a short laugh as she recalled how she would run to the door when that doorbell rang. She had always hoped that it would be someone asking for her. Someone to play with. But it never was. No one ever came to her house. So she got used to playing alone and the house had been her playground. She knew every secret place in this house, from the basement to the attic.

An elegant woman in beige opened the door with a strained smile. "Oh, you are here!" was all she said, not offering a name or a hand. "Come inside", she said with her back already turned.
Stepping into the hall she felt a rush of emotions. The blue carpet was no longer there. And the periwinkle blue brocade wallpaper was gone. Not so strange really. There had been faint red stains on that wallpaper after she had decided to decorate it with red flowers one day her parents were out. To her it looked much prettier, but her parents did not agree. She remember how they had both tried to clean it off with different remedies for hours. She had been sent to her room. They never got the stains out completely, but they didn't put up a new wallpaper either. It remained there for years as a testimony that a child lived and played in this house.

Now the walls and floors were covered in stark white. Beautiful, clean white. It looked like right out of a magazine. Still to her it was cold and uninviting. Walking passed the curved stairways, she looked up. There, at the top of the stairs, behind the banister, was one of her secret places. It's where she used to hide at night when she couldn't sleep. She would bring her pillow and lay down on the floor listening to the voices of her parents. Happy voices, voices that were soft and loving even when she could hear the presence of worry in her mom's faint words. The comfort of those voices would often lull her to sleep. Every now and then her dad would walk up the stairs and cradle her in his strong arms. To her delight he would not put her back into bed, but carry her downstairs into the candlelit living room. It was the best feeling in the world. The feeling of being included in the happiness that her parents shared. Dad would place her in the big sofa and her mom would make hot chocolate and sandwiches. She always served the hot chocolate in the large white cups with purple saucers. It was the only time they used those cups. She hadn't seen them in years.

The beige lady beckoned her to follow her into the kitchen. Of course it had been remodeled. No one would have wanted to keep the old kitchen. She remember how embarrassed she used to be when they had guests at their house. The guests would walk through all the beautiful rooms and admire the house until they walked into that kitchen. Then they would go silent. And stare. It was a crazy kitchen. Her parents had decorated it just before she was born in 1968. It had the loudest wallpaper you could imagine. Bright white vinyl wallpaper with huge blood-red flowers. (Sort of early Marimekko.) It was one of those things that just captured your eyes and would not let them go. To finish it off her parents had covered the ceiling with it as well. When you walked into that kitchen you were surrounded by cocoon of big red flowers everywhere. She used to hate it. Now as she looked at the discrete gold and ivory striped wallpaper, she almost burst out laughing. What a change!

She realized that she missed it. She missed the tacky red flowers. She missed the blue brocade wallpaper with the red stains. She missed her house with all the secret places and childhood memories. She missed her parents and missed the life that was lived in this house.

There were no signs of a child living, playing or dreaming in this place any more. There were no signs of the past. And no signs of a present. It was all perfection, but it was no longer home. She had thought about this house for so long. When it was sold she had such a feeling of loss. And all these years she had believed that she would be happy living here again. Suddenly she realized that it was not the house that had made her happy. It was the love.

The lady reached for a brown cardboard box place on the shiny granite countertop. "I believe this is yours," she said with a quick smile as she lifted it up. It was heavy. "We found it in the attic a few months ago. We thought it belonged to you." She handed over the box and started moving toward the hallway. It was clear that the visit was over and that the lady was ready to say goodbye. Walking through the beautiful house one more time, she felt the bittersweetness of goodbyes. This house was no longer hers. It belonged to someone else. And now it was up to her to make her small house a happy place for her family. As she walked back up the driveway she turned one more time looking at the impressive house with the black hollow eyes. For a split second a memory flashed before her eyes and she saw the three of them, laughing and playing on the lawn. She smiled and when she turned towards the road she knew she would never come back.

In her own kitchen, a very simple white Ikea kitchen, she opened the box. Inside were objects wrapped in soft creamy silk paper. She picked up one of the objects and started to carefully unwrap it. It was a purple saucer. One by one she unveiled her mother's special porcelain service. She placed the cups and saucers on the counter and looked around at the white walls of her kitchen. It was time to make this house her home!

I was challenged to write a story called the Return by La Belle Mere. Please visit her for more examples of creative writing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Wedding

It's PINK Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound.

My very good friend Nanni is getting married! (Please stop by her blog and congratulate her...) In honor of her big day I have dedicated this Pink Saturday to Weddings in all their glory. Not just any weddings, PINK weddings!

So this is how you make your Dream Wedding PINK:

You have to send out a PINK invitation. You won't find anything more beautiful than the ones handpainted by Kristy at Momental Designs.

It's time for a PINK bridal shower.

Tea and muffins or a little bit more sophisticated. Your choice!

Hopefully you'll get lots of these:

and NOT this...

You'll need a PINK wedding dresses. Take a look at Brides Magazine to find your perfect dress.

With a PINK dress you have to wear the perfect pair of PINK shoes.

Underneath you'll wear some PINK lace by Victoria's Secret.

PINK flowers are perfect for a wedding.

Why not put some PINK flowers in your hair as well?

A PINK ring on your finger!

Pink Champagne in your glass.

I'm a bridesmaid, please don't make me wear this!

I would rather wear something like this...

The wedding tables can be soft and romantic PINK

... or glamorous HOT PINK!

There cannot be a PINK wedding without a PINK wedding cake!

Maybe you'll go for a PINK wedding cake buffet like this one by Annick Van Wesemael.

Don't forget PINK party favors for the guests!

My favorites are these packages of wedding gum

Transportation can be over the top.

Or just very chic.

A PINK wedding must be followed by a fabulous PINK honeymoon. Maybe at the pink hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico?

For wonderful ideas for your wedding you should visit Yvonne Design. You'll be amazed by the wonderful Hawaiian weddings she features.

Looking for an event planner? I found quite a few beautiful pictures at Tres Fabu Events.

Good luck on your fabulously PINK day!
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