Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trash or treasure?

In my garden under a tall tree you will find an old, worn bench that is not very pretty at all. Many people ask me why I bother to keep something so unattractive. "There are so many beautiful garden furniture you can buy now. Have you seen those white painted benches?" People mean well, but they don't realize that what they look upon as trash can be someone's treasure. And this bench is my treasure.

I grew up in a very large old house with a beautiful big garden. It could have been a paradise for kids, but since I was an only child I always felt very lonely. I would spend my days playing by myself. When I turned four my parents hired a nanny that was going to take care of me while they worked. She was old - really, really old. She was heavyset, had a bad hip and thin yellowish white hair that she would wear in a roll at the back of her head. Her name was Dadda (of course this wasn't her real name, but it was the only one I ever knew). I thought she was terrible at first. But after a while we became friends. Every day she would make us a picnic-basket and we would walk hand in hand down to an old bench that was placed in between some large trees. There we would sit and she would tell me wonderful stories that brought my imagination to places I had never been. She would make my favorite sandwiches and always bring a treat. She taught me the names of different flowers and sometimes she would read to me. I learned to love those hours spent with her on the bench. As I grew older less time was spent on the bench and one day Dadda was gone. And the bench was left there, all by itself down by the old trees. I didn't have time for fairytales anymore, and I forgot all about the bench.

The day came when my dad had sold the house. Everything was packed into boxes and as I walked up the driveway I saw someone about to throw an old grey bench into a large container. Suddenly I realized that it was MY bench, the one I spent countless hours on as a child. I wanted that bench! For me it symbolized my childhood memories, fairytales and an unlikely frienship that made a lonely little girl just a little bit less lonely.

The bench is now placed under a large birch tree in my garden. It is tattered and worn, very little stylish and most people would throw it away. But for me it is a treasure and I tell my kids the story.

Maybe you have a similar treasure?

A perfect day

Some days you have to pinch yourself just because they are almost too perfect. Today was such a day! We were invited by some new friends to spend the day in their boat. The sun was shining, the food was excellent and the company was even better. Our son loved the freedom of zooming around in a rubberboat, our girl played with her new friend and I just relaxed - all day, no chores, no worries...
So my motto for today is: Be open to new friendships, they may bless you in more ways than you expect.
P.S. I love the photosoftware I downloaded from

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Real Me

Finding the perfect swimsuit

One of he hardest thing I know is to find a nice swimsuit. I hate trying them on in tiny neonlighted dressing-rooms, while a very young, skinny and way too friendly girl is standing outside the door asking you how they fit. If you are lucky you find yourself in one of those rooms that have mirrors that reflect eachother and you can see yourself from all angles endlessly. This is certain to brighten your day! I have usually started the hunt for a swimsuit in april when my Norwegian skin is still milkywhite after being wrapped in wool a whole season. Being wrapped in wool also can make you a little bit lazy when it comes to the shaving of legs... Out of sight, out of mind right? Well, lets just say I'm not at my very best... To top it off I live in a wonderful country where all the women are crosscountry skiiers and love broccoli. Because of this it's almost impossible to find swimsuits that go beyond size very skinny very tall. Well, needless to say I'm neither and I'm forced to choose between three models that my grandma would love.

Last year I decided I would try something new. I found a webpage that had an excellent selection of swimsuits in larger sizes (not just grannystyle!) and ordered two new swimsuits (black - what a surprise!). It did take a couple of weeks for them to arrive in Norway and I was supernervous trying them on in my dimly lit bedroom (should have added some candles just to soften up that woolcladskincolor...) To my delight they fit perfectly! They are by far the best swimsuits I have ever had... I have to mention that they are pretty hot too! The brand is Miraclesuit and they will keep everything in the right place if you know what I mean...

So for all you fabulous big girls out there that are looking for a great swimsuit, go to
They have all kinds of swimwear, sportswear and underwear in a wide range of sizes.

This year I have decided to order two more swimsuits. I'm ready for the beach baby!

The picture is of one of the models I bought last year. I absolutely love it. And because I'm such a bling-bling girl I actually fastened a diamond-pin right in the middle of the cleavage...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Seizing the time to blog

I have for the longest time wanted to write a blog, but it was so hard to find the time. Suddenly I realized that I would never find the time. There are only 24 hours in a day and they all seem to disappear through my fingers like grains of sand.

Today I decided to seize the time! Carpe diem. With inspiration from the wonderful blog of one of my closest friends I have been sitting in front of our new Mac (I'll probably learn to love it) all day. I have ignored the beautiful sunny weather (crazy when you live in Norway) and all the things I should have been doing outside in the garden (not so crazy since I don't really enjoy gardening). I have ignored making dinner (thanks wonderful hubby) and catering to my very tired five year old (just letting her play with my iphone to keep her quiet). I have ignored tv-programs (nothing on anyway) and conversation with my family (they fell asleep on the couch not being used to such silence). All I have been doing is trying to figure this out. And I will - I just have to GRAB some more time!

If you wonder why I'm writing in English it is simply because I want my american friends to be able to follow me if they want to. Feel free to comment in English or Norwegian.

Well, here I am. I'll be writing about all the good things in life and hoping that someone out there will read it.

So see you soon, I'll be around!
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