Friday, May 29, 2009

Seizing the time to blog

I have for the longest time wanted to write a blog, but it was so hard to find the time. Suddenly I realized that I would never find the time. There are only 24 hours in a day and they all seem to disappear through my fingers like grains of sand.

Today I decided to seize the time! Carpe diem. With inspiration from the wonderful blog of one of my closest friends I have been sitting in front of our new Mac (I'll probably learn to love it) all day. I have ignored the beautiful sunny weather (crazy when you live in Norway) and all the things I should have been doing outside in the garden (not so crazy since I don't really enjoy gardening). I have ignored making dinner (thanks wonderful hubby) and catering to my very tired five year old (just letting her play with my iphone to keep her quiet). I have ignored tv-programs (nothing on anyway) and conversation with my family (they fell asleep on the couch not being used to such silence). All I have been doing is trying to figure this out. And I will - I just have to GRAB some more time!

If you wonder why I'm writing in English it is simply because I want my american friends to be able to follow me if they want to. Feel free to comment in English or Norwegian.

Well, here I am. I'll be writing about all the good things in life and hoping that someone out there will read it.

So see you soon, I'll be around!


Nanni said...

Herlig min venn, velkommen til Bloglandia!!! Og så inderlig deg dette er...
Hmmm... alt som kan gjøre livet ditt søtere...?
Meg??? Som et helt innlysende eksempel...

Jeg har allerede sovnet på sofaen under krim og nyheter og det som er, skal fortsette å sove i seng nå.
sov godt min venn,
glad i deg!!
Nanniklem :)

Dreamgirl said...

Takk for velkomsten kjære venn!
Ja, det er jo din "feil" at jeg har endt opp her i Bloglandia! Får håpe jeg kan bli en produktiv ny innbygger. Du er helt klart en av livets søte ingredienser Nanni, og jeg er veldig glad i deg også. Nattaklem!

Anonymous said...

I left a comment here yesterday, but since it was in Norwegian at the time apparently I didn't get the right selection, hahahahahahahaha. I was saying that I was going to enjoy your writing. Maybe you've inspired me to start posting again from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Jeg synes du skriver bra. Ikke minst er det TYDELIG at du/dere nyter livet!!!! Veldig bra og inspirerende.
Særlig det med benken var BRA
Forsett du

Hilsen Ikchan Kim
(jeg fikk ikke dette helt til, og anonym var det eneste jeg fikk til

Dreamgirl said...

Tusen takk Ikchan Kim!
Kjempehyggelig at du stakk innom... alt for lenge siden vi har sett hverandre nå! Men det er jo hyggelig at vi kan treffes her eller på FB!

Anonymous said...
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