Sunday, May 31, 2009

A perfect day

Some days you have to pinch yourself just because they are almost too perfect. Today was such a day! We were invited by some new friends to spend the day in their boat. The sun was shining, the food was excellent and the company was even better. Our son loved the freedom of zooming around in a rubberboat, our girl played with her new friend and I just relaxed - all day, no chores, no worries...
So my motto for today is: Be open to new friendships, they may bless you in more ways than you expect.
P.S. I love the photosoftware I downloaded from


Per Øyvind Iversen said...

Thank you for letting me share this perfect day with you. You make my every day perfect!!

Nanni said...

Og du bidrar til å berike mitt liv (selvom jeg er ganske perfekt i meg selv, da... ;o) ~
Høres ut som en deilig dag på sjøen, båt er herlig!
Gleder meg til kollegaturen!
flott bakgrunn på bloggen her, ser du plukker opp og lærer ~ flink!
Fortsatt god pinse, vennen!
Klem ~

- fruNelia said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Sunday morning our anchor and my borther-in-law's anchor was entangeled and when the two men had worked on the detangeling for a while itturned out that all three boats were drifting. Not very exciting SUnday morning at 8 o'clock...And very fast, too.
We had, of course, a splendid weekend!

Dreamgirl said...

Hello fruNelia (nice name!).
We had a great time on your boat and would love to go out again. Sounds like you actually had a good excuse for not coming to the event that Sunday... but I know that you are much too nice to use an excuse like that! So I'm glad you had a splendid weekend. Hope you'll have many, many more on your boat!

See you tomorrow!

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