Sunday, August 30, 2009

I found gold

Yesterday I found gold!

Golden chantarelles.

Yes, I picked these!
No, I'm not going to tell you where! (You don't reveal your gold mine...)

What I'm going to make?
This of course!

Melt some butter in your frying pan and sauté the chanterelles golden brown with salt and pepper. Set them aside.
Chop some onions and walnuts and fry them with some butter. Add heavy whipping cream gradually and let cook until it thickens. Season with salt and pepper (keep it simple!)
Add parmesan cheese and let it melt into the sauce.
Cook your favorite pasta and pour the walnutsauce over. Sprinkle with parsley and the wonderful chanterelles. Bon Appetit!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Pink Girls!

Thank heaven for little girls
for little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven for little girls
they grow up in the most delightful way!

Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
one day will flash and send you crashin' thru the ceilin'

Thank heaven for little girls
thank heaven for them all,
no matter where no matter who
for without them, what would little boys do?

Thank heaven... thank heaven...
Thank heaven for little girls!

(Maurice Chevalier in the movie Gigi)

If you want this look for your little girl, go to Oopsy Daisy, Baby Chacha or Kaiya Eve.

You can also make a tutu yourself. Last year I made a simple one for my little princess without ANY sewing. It involved an elastic band that I made just the right size and lots of strips (about 3 inces wide and twice as long as you want the tutu) of pink tulle. Fold a strip double and hoop it around the elastic band. Just keep doing that until the tutu is as full as you like. I also glued little pink flowers all over the skirt. Very cute and cheap!

For more Pink Saturday posts visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion for girls fall 2009

The kids are back in school. Fall is almost here and it's time to renew the kids' wardrobe. Oh, how I love the fall/winter collections this year. I want to buy it all! I just have to remind myself of all the drawers full of clothes that I bought last year that are already too small... *sigh*
But there is no harm in just looking.
It's time for a fashion show for our little girls!




Room Seven

Micha Lulu
Mim Pi

Deux par Deux



Lemon Loves Lime

I know it's over the top. But if your girl is a little diva she'll love clothes by Kayia Eve.

Happy news: Oilily is coming back with a new collection for 2010!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To all you teachers out there

This rose is for you. You do an awesome job!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dancing the night away!

This weekend my husband and I flew up to Trondheim (middle part of Norway). We were invited to spend the whole weekend at the cabin of some of our closest friends. We were 16 people and I haven't had this much fun in the longest time.

The weather was perfect, the food was excellent and the music was groovy! With a party tent outside and some speakers that could have been used at a rock concert we kept it going to the wee hours.

I had forgotten how much I love to dance! So I danced and danced like I was seventeen again.
Unfortunately my knees are not, and I'm now walking like an 80 year old woman.
(Note to self: HAVE to start working out tomorrow!)

On Saturday I even got to spend some alone-time with my wonderful hubby. It involved a walk out to a deserted islet,
a sheltered cove

and some skinny dipping...

What a great weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Green on a Pink Saturday? Green on a Pink Saturday?

On Thursday I went to a big gift and interior design show together with my dad. We were celebrating the good news. (Read yesterdays post if you are curious...) There were so many beautiful things showcased and I walked around for hours. Even though I didn't buy one single thing, I had a wonderful time. And I did get some inspiration for this Pink Saturday as well. I have decided to show you something Green - as in Green Gate, a Danish Company that designs wonderful things for your home. If you like the sweet country cottage style - you'll love the things from Green Gate.

Looking for more pink inspiration? Take a look at Beverly's blog and see all the other fun Pink Saturday participants. I'll be gone all weekend, but will visit you once I'm back!

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