Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday Night Surprise!

I'm still on holiday in Spain and this week we have gotten some friends visiting from Trondheim (Norway). This means that I actually have to DO the things I have been blogging about all summer. So now I'm out playing in the pool with the kids, sunbathing on the beach, shopping like crazy (sales!), eating at fancy restaurants, playing cards and drinking wine. This leaves little or no time for blogging!

Getting home from another restaurant visit tonight I stopped by my husband's lap-top just for a quick look and found out that I have gotten an AWARD from Samsmama at Raising Stink. She is a new acquaintance, but I love her writing and her humor. She is one feisty mama - and she will give you the giggles! (Anyone that calls her kid Stink is alright in my book!)
Drop by her blog and say hello.

(I got both of this pictures - chose which one you want to grab, or grab both - like I did!)
The rules of the award stipulate that I have to pass this on to 15 people... Sorry, that's not going to happen - not tonight! So I have narrowed it down just a little bit. So this award is hereby passed on to a few of my favorite blogs:

La Belle Mere - this one is for you! I didn't even know you a week ago, and now I'm hooked. You crack me up every time. Hysterical in every way! PLUSS, you're the only one I know that has the SWINE FLUE! That alone makes you deserving of this prestigious award!

Vale at Les Cotrions has a beautiful blog that will immediately transfer you into the heart of Italy. You'll be surrounded by lavender and french country style home decor. I love her world!

Maya at A Beach Lovers Place has one of those blogs that I just want to visit regularly. Her photos and her posts often make me smell the salt, feel the sand and hear the waves. If you are a beach lover like me, you have to go visit her!

La la Lovely things is another favorite on my blog list. This is where I go when I want inspiration or need to see something pretty. Go visit her and enjoy all the la la lovely things!

And to a few of my Norwegian blogfriends:

Nanni at Nannisverden is an excellent storyteller. Very funny, but also philosophical and wise. She's a shabby girl, of course, and will drag you along to all the little quaint stores she finds on her path. If you haven't visited her, you should!

Marit at Som mine dager er takes the most amazing pictures. She finds beauty in the most simple things and is able to "seize" the moment like few others I know. If you visit her I know you'll have a lovely time just seeing her world through the camera. There is something about Marit that tells me we would have a lot to talk about over a glass of wine....

M at Et glimt av M is another one of my favorites. She can make a simple story come alive and will often write very short posts that grabs your heart in two seconds. (I have to learn something from her! Mine are just getting longer...)

Sorry, that's all I can do tonight. I have met so many wonderful bloggers and I wish I could honor you all for sticking with it. I'll keep coming by and visiting you as often as I can. In the meantime I leave you all with this little treat:


Now, if anyone has an idea for my pink post on Saturday - please let me know!
Need some inspiration here...


Amy said...

What a wonderful award you got. Yeah to you..

graciegirl said...

Hey you go got your self an award!Enjoy your company in Spain

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

Wow, you're amazing..., passing on awards while on holidays!!! Thank you so much! I'd love to see something pink from Spain? Seems like you're having a great time.

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

Oh, you're on my Awards post now:


caren said...

Wowza - you're dedicated! Blogging while on vacation. It's addicting...I know! Thanks for stopping by, visit again soon.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! Thank you so much for the nice award and congratulations on yours!!! You're very kind and your blogs are so nice!!! I'm still working and that isn't a great's so hot now and what I really want to do is...nothing!!! As soon as I can I escape to the I have't too much time for blogging!!!
Enjoy your holidays in Spain and have a nice and relaxing time!
Warm greetings!

M said...

Tusen tusen takk, gratulerer med awarder, det fortjener du.
Du, jeg begynte å blogge på engelsk, men for å komme videre (etter en amerikansk long term kjæreste) så valgte jeg den vekk...
Jeg ser jo at det er en hel verden der ute jeg gjerne vil bli kjent med, fantastiske bloggedamer du presenterer i innlegget ditt f.eks....
Foreløbig holder jeg meg til NIB....jeg føler meg så NY i denne verden...du har jo tatt den med storm må jeg si!
Jeg er litt mer forsiktig, føler meg frem.....har jo enda ikke fått et innlegg fra hjemmet men...
Jeg tar med meg begge bildene (samler på glans hi hi)
Ellers har jeg ikke vært så mye innom bloggen denne uken, det går litt opp og ned med den saken, det tar jo tid....
Jeg deler pc med en ungdom akkurat nå, så du kan jo tenke deg....
Jeg får nå håpe at han har litt planer i helgen, sånn at jeg kan ligge på sofaen med blogg og tv og snop....(multitasking!)
Ha en fiiiiiin dag Dreamgirl!!

M said...

Ps..og tusen takk for så fin omtale!

La Belle Mere UK said...

WOW DREAMGIRL!!!! I'm so touched, thankyou!! My first award!! What can I say? Thank you so much.

I'd like to thank my fans, my my parents, my manager, God......


la la Lovely said...

How very sweet of you.....thank you so much!!!!! wonderful.. I keep watching shows about food in Spain and I have to say I want to go so bad. Looks so amazing. Hope you have a truly beautiful and restful time!

Dee said...

Aah that's the life.

Congrats on the award.

Gracie said...

Hello Again
Thank you for your sweet visit.I need that reminder too, life can be confusing at times:)
Yup thats my name, my last one any way...I a mrried a wonderful christian man whos last name just happend to bear the title to my,(Amazing Grace)and favorite "chritian" word...Grace.

My first name is Tracy, feel free to use either...I am so new to this blogging thing I never know what to call my self...silly? I thought the new name change fits...This Grace can use a touch of Gods Grace.
Gods blessing to you.
Have fun in the sun

Samsmama said...

Your vacation sounds delightful! Glad you are having fun!

Som mine dager er said...

Hallo dammen. Ja her kommer jeg hjem fra hyttetur og leser dette! Hva annet kan man si enn gratulerer til deg som fikk den, og tusen takk for varm omtale og rosende ord. Vinkveld kan vi ordne med. Kom deg hjem fra Spania først ;-)

Klem fra Marit

Unknown Mami said...

My goodness, another award. Yay for you!

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