Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello Spain!

Finally summer vacation is here and I have arrived in my beloved Spain. Right now the only computer available is my 12 year old's laptop. He has graciously said that I can use it when he is not - which means between 12 AM - 7 AM! I'm realizing that I will not be as often in Blogland as I have gotten used to. However, I'll do my best to share some of the craziness that is going around in our house when we let our hair down.

I'm hoping you all have a lovely summer and that you can have a view as beautiful as mine!


M said...

Hòla amiga!!
Que pasa!
Hvor heldig du er!!!
Bildene er fantastiske, får lyst til å hoppe rett inn til deg!
Jeg er ikke SÅ flink til å være livsnyter i disse dager, men Ø-V-E-R meg på det!!!
Nydelig og rekordvarme her, jeg har jobbet....kvelden blir nok en lang tur.og tidlig til seng...har jobbehelg skjønner du..
Kooooos deg!!

Linda said...

Det ser virkelig deilig ut!! Dere får ha en riktig god ferie:) Nyt dagene!

Klem Linda

Maya said...

Have a great time in Spain... I have been there several times myself north coast and south coast ..., even could speak a bit of Spanish once, but as it goes..., if you don't use it you loose it.

Mom to "W" said...

Wow a vacation in Spain. The photos are gorgeous.

Amos said...

That's it, Jesus Can NOT come back until I come to Spain. Just can't. Because that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Nanni said...

Ojojojojoj... gode minner fra Spania i fjor....
We´ll be back!

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