Sunday, June 21, 2009

A table challenge

Well, today I'm ending the challenge I gave on Thursday. The task was to send me a picture of a table that described your personal style. It could be one you have decorated yourself or one that you have found online. A few of you have sent me beautiful pictures of tables - thank you so much for participating.

Aase at Aases Fantastiske Verden had a party for her mother-in-law this weekend. She describes her style as eclectic, mixing the old with the new. She likes a simple, but romantic style. The look is elegant with a touch of color and joy.
I think her table is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure the guests thought so too. I especially love the pale roses in the different bowls. Very cute!
Visit Aases blog to look at more tables...

Tiina at Livia Concepts has sent me a picture from Hostesswiththemostess. This is such a fun table! The bright pink and black is elegant, young and fresh! I would love a table like this for a birthday party with all the girls... It begs for a bottle of Dom Perignon! Tiina has an awesome blog with hot trends and interior design that is both funky and classy. You'll love her style! Be sure to visit her blog and check out her other table settings as well!

Nanni at Nannisverden celebrated her daughter's confirmation with tables that were just her style, romantic and shabby chic. She used lots of whites and silver, with little splashes of green. She decorated with white rose petals, pearls and ivy. She also borrowed a crown from her local florist. She ended up loving it so much that she had to buy it!

Nanni also sent me a picture of the cake made by her friend. A dream in chocolate with angels. Beautiful!

Nanni took some fun pictures yesterday and I think that she is going to feature a special handbag hanger later today. Go to her blog and take a look - you'll be surprised...

Andria invited us all to a buffet style barbeque. Even though she didn't set a formal table she made little displays that were so beautiful. Splashes of color and lights caught our eyes and gave an informal meal her own special expression.

I had a small dinner here at our summerhouse yesterday. I started out with just white and silver thinking that I was going for something elegant and airy. But when it comes down to it - I'm a girl that loves color. And before I could stop myself the table ended up sort of colorful - just like me;)
To those who have participated, those who have said they'll have a go next time and to the ones that have left encouraging comments I say a heartfelt thank you. You are the ones that make blogging so much fun!


M said...

Så flotte bord, beklager at jeg ikke kunne bli time.....
Her er tøtten med "bloggefri" på søndagen....måtte bare innom bloggen da jeg var i NÅ er det bort fra skjermen!
Og ut på tur, i nydelig vær.
Ha en fiiiin kveld, og en god ukestart!
klem, M

mi-rachel said...

så gøy å se :)

L'occitane said...

lekre bord:=
Jeg kan tipse deg om min stil. Om du tar en titt inne hus Flisan, så har hun dekket et bord på sin side som jeg bare elsket rått.
her er linken hvor du kan se du ikke har vært der

Ta en titt inne hos henne, jeg er en stor fan av hennes blogg.
hun har også en webshop:

Nanni said...

Sjå der ja! Nydelig dekket bord og herlig mat (for det vet jeg, ja! ;o)... Nå tenker jeg på bordet ditt!
Ellers kos at Nanni kom med på bordutfordringen din :)
Utfordring mht veskeoppheng...den våget jeg ikke å ta... Rampen i meg var ikke fremtredende nok i kveld..., monne måtte jeg våge? fniiis...
Nattaklem til deg, vennen ~

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)
adding you to my favorites in my computer!

Anonymous said...

Wow- beautiful tables! I love your colors - they are stunning. I think that I'm lucky to get meals going after work - I am not in the same category, yikes!

Amos said...

Oh my goodness Ann-Kristin, that table is GORGEOUS!!!! Wish I could've sat at it with you!

Domestic Diva said...

I guess I didn't read your challenge thoroughly...I didn't know that I could find a table setting on the internet....:( I would have played along!

I agree w/Amos...would have loved to have sat with you at this table

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