Friday, June 12, 2009

Not on the High Street

Looking around in "Blogworld" I happened upon an internet shop I have never seen before. is filled with goodies! And quite a few of the items they ship to Norway.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Personalized signs of all sorts.
I would come up with a sign that was only mine - like:
A happy, but disorganized family lives here!
Guests bringing chocolate are always welcome!
Don't bother taking your shoes off, the floor is already dirty.
Live, dream, love and eat!

A personalized plantbox for one of my gardening friends. Maybe Nooria...
A tin of love cookies for my lover.

A tin of bugs cookies for my son!
A tin of handbag cookies for my girlfriend Nanni!

A dreamy summer kaftan for those walks on the beach. I think Marit would like it...

A shopping bag for Domestic Diva. She likes to shop...

A pair of cufflinks for my superhero.
A sewing kit so I would know where to find a needle and thread next time I loose a button.

A cake stand so I could invite my girlfriend FruNelia for "5 o'clock tea".

A romantic chalkboard for the messages I need to give my family when I sleep in.

Romantic plates that are just Oh, so Girly!

A pink glitter tutu for my little princess - she would wear it every day!

I would never use a yellow post-it again!

A beautiful birdhouse - o, my gosh!

And my absolute favorite: a wooden swing with my own personalized text. I can just picture it dangling from a branch under an old oak tree...

Se anything you like?


Amos said...

Those are some LOVELY things! I love your sign making about don't take off your shoes, Yes I Laughed Out Loud on that one.

Domestic Diva said...

Where do you find all these thing? You are amazing!!! Thanks for thinking of me and the shopping bag!

Nanni said...

Søte vennen, ja takk!! Gjerne veskekjeks!! Så søt du er.... Vil gjerne ha en keep calm-bag også, helt på ordenlig. Mulig jeg må bestille.... :o)
Jeg blogger egentlig ikke i dag, men måtte innom deg :o)
Vi skal ut på et hagesenter, jeg skal se etter et oliventre, fikk en nydelig potte av Lisa.
Klem til deg!

Anonymous said...

Cool new spot to check out, thanks!

Nanni said...

Hei <3
VAr bare det....
Klem ~

la la Lovely said...

Love Not on the High Street. I like everything you picked out.. that swing is pretty cool!

Gaia said...

very lovely things! My favs are the cookies...yummy! It's what I want now know when you need something sweet and there is nothing sweet at home? no cookies, no ice cream...nothing!
I had fruits but it's really not the same...
Oh the pink glitter tutu cute...

Thanks for your nice comment and for becoming my follower!
I love both of your blog...more recipes!!! Please!!!

Kim said...

The plates are fabulous. I may have to try to replicate, thanks for sharing.

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